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AHA! I've made a discovery!

Babies don't come with instructions nor do they come with a picture or description of all they can become - like a set of Legos with a picture of the finished product. Through 40 years of observation, experience and study as an elementary teacher, I've learned that Mother Nature has provided children with all they inherently need to reach their full potential. If Mother Nature's plans are overlooked, children may not be able to fully access that potential. Unfortunately, twenty-first century life presents many opportunities that may unintentionally delay children's development. 


Whether you have an infant, a preschooler or elementary age children, you can support their development in fun and effective ways.  The purpose of this website is to provide the information you need to make informed decisions to support your children as they become all they are meant to be. 

So what does Mother Nature provide to help children to fully blossom?​ 


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