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Jean  Grech is a retired elementary teacher with 40 years experience in elementary education.  She spent the last 16 years of her career delving into brain research which led her to interest in movement and its impact on students' learning and performance.  While studying to become a Brain Gym instructor, she became interested in neurodevelopmental movement after studying with Svetlana Masgutova. Beside studying several books on the topic, she had training in the SMART program, Ready Bodies -  Learning Minds by Athena Oden, Rhythmic Movement by Harald Blomberg,  and Bal-A-Vis-X by Bill Hubbert.  She is passionate about sharing what she has learned with the goal of helping our little ones avoid the limiting side effects of our modern life.


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I worked on this website to provide the basic information you need to make educated decisions in  caring for children. However, if a presentation would be helpful, I am available for small group classes in your home or other location of your choice in the Twin Cities metro area for a nominal fee. 


My contact information:

Phone: 651-456-0364

Cellular phone: 651-491-3073

Email: jeangrech6713@gmail.com